Deli'do Chocolate Making Kit


A must have to work with chocolate in an easy way! A chocolate melting pot to melt chocolate in the microwave in an easy way. With the stirrer, it is easy to stir the chocolate regularly while melting, and to empty the whole pot later. It is also a funnel, and allows you to fill moulds or decorate a dessert plate or cake in no time. 

With the thermometer, it is also possible to work with real chocolate with a high cocoa content, allowing you to add a bit of chocolate at the right temperature.

The booklet explains in detail how it works, and gives you an introduction to endless possibilities.

At the end the chocolate melting pot can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Enjoy!



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to find out how Deli'Do works:
what's in the boxes, how to melt the chocolate, what techniques can be used, how to mould, write, draw, glue...
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